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Here is the instructional database:

In the upper right on this home page you can 'Submit a request' if this instruction does not meet your needs.

Here is the user guide:…


Tips and Tricks:…


That's right! The Motion Book Tool is now open to anyone with a creative spark!!

Just sign in here:

...and click the 'Login with deviantART' button...

...then check out some info here:……

...and start having fun!

When you're done, simply upload to your dA page and your project will automatically appear on the Motion Book home page here:…

...for all the WORLD to admire and cherish!

Well...what are you waiting for?








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Gischie Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi, I tried to post my issue on madefire forum directly but somehow it keeps on telking that my accoubt expired... anyway I just wanted to know as it seemed that madefire doesn't support Animated gif, it is possible to upload a video in Madefire cloud instead?

It's just I'm working on a scene in which a series of images not related are shown very quickly and I don't think it can be achieved with the current Madefire animation system.
NinjaStripes Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2015  Student Artist
Before I mess with it, what does motion book do?  I'd like to know.
Raixander Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2014
I started to like Motion Book more (good tutorials, btw, thanks), but I get some problems/questions as I play along.

Does somebody know if it's possible for two different dA users to collaborate by sending Motion Book "pages" or "projects" between them? Or is there any hidden tips and tricks for this?

Thank you!!
Burgzaza Featured By Owner Edited Dec 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey I just read some Motion Books and it's great ! I'm about to get the app, but What about this thing :

"this app will be able to :
-Publish deviations on your behalf"

Whaaat ? Why ? I mean... really ? What the hell ? Seriously, someone has seen the app upload deviations on your behalf ? this things creates it's own art, or does it randomly upload pics ? I'm kinda confuse here...

Ok nevermind, it just allows the user to directly publish on D.A, right ?
Kqbuckley Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Yeah, that means that it will publish to DA--through the app--on your behalf. Nothing will happen without your telling it to do so.
jonathanbakerart Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014  Professional General Artist
I'm wondering if any tutorials have been made for the 'Animation Sequence' feature for the Tool yet? I don't know if I searched around enough or missed an announcement. Thanks all!
MadefireStudios Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2014  Professional Artist…

Here's the tutorial..sorry for the delay!
jonathanbakerart Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014  Professional General Artist
Thanks, keep the good stuff coming! Let us know when you'll be hosting live classes some day too... one can hope!
I'd move to Berkley to witness that happening (at least for a short time).
DarkChroniclesCom Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey there MBTooler ;)
It's me (again)...sorry for disturbing you ;)
I got a question. I looked up my latest MotionBook Project in the madefire app for android (menu: development) and noticed that not every part of my motion book works how it should be. Sounds are not fading in or out at the right point and panoramas are shown only in the upper left corner at half of its size. Is it me or the app? I checked it twice in the preview of the tool and it worked well. So do I have to change the options or click a checkbox or something?
MadefireStudios Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2014  Professional Artist
If you could submit a ticket at our zendesk helpdesk,, we will be able to better assess the problem and get to it a lot quicker, thanks!
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